Since 1979, Delta Medical Systems ensures customer service excellence for diagnostic imaging sales, field service and project management.  

As a Siemens Healthineers Advanced Partner, we provide hospitals and clinics with advanced medical imaging systems for detection, diagnosis, pain management, surgery, women's health and other clinical specialties in select markets across the United States. Our strengths lie in our connections to rural and community hospitals and other niche markets. We help provide scalable imaging solutions that provide the most advanced medical imaging available to the community. 

We put patient care first—from reducing patient dose to enhancing your productivity and profitability—we help drive your business forward. Put simply, you receive world-class, Siemens products with the community-minded focus of a local provider.         


FDA Clears SOMATOM go. CT Platform

Siemens 32-slice SOMATOM go.Now CT scanner is particularly suited to radiology providers who want to leverage a low-cost but clinically robust CT solution. With a wide detector that provides up to 64 slices, the SOMATOM go.Up offers faster scanning and tin filtration, which is particularly important for lung imaging. Learn More

  • Mobile workflow of SOMATOM go.Now and SOMATOM go.up are controlled via tablet and remotely to increase patient interaction. 
  • The unique single-room concept is designed for lower installation costs and smaller more efficient footprint. 

FDA Approves High Definition Breast Tomosynthesis

Siemens Healthineers announced that the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has approved High Definition Breast Tomosynthesis (HDBT), which includes new cutting-edge algorithms designed to deliver a heightened level of sensitivitiy to breast cancer detection and diagnosis over 2D mammography alone. 

HDBT builds on the established DBT platform from Siemens that boasts the industry’s widest tomo sweep of 50 degrees, delivers images of exceptional clarity, and is the first solution approved for 3D-only mammograms. Read More. 

FDA Clears cost-efficient MAGNETOM Sempra MRI

Siemens announced that the FDA has cleared the MAGNETOM Sempra MRI, a highly efficient, 60-cm 1.5 Tesla MRI system. 

It is distinguished by its low operating cost, innovative technologies and full-coverage service contract. Click to learn about Siemens other MRI system offerings. 

Siemens SOMATOM Drive dual source CT 

The systems new tin filter and low-voltage capabilities help to reduce patient X-ray dose and required dose of contrast media. 

Boost your performance, empower your routines and expand your capabilities with the SOMATOM Drive CT and help drive precision for all - your patients, environment and business needs. Learn More.